1. Can I buy Sunflower1?

    • No. Sunflower1 is obsolete. Sunflower2 is the current shipping model.

  2. What can I do to find out if Sunflower2 works for me?

    • Use a 3 square-foot or so mirror to reflect sunlight to where you want it. If you can find a place to put that mirror such that the effect of sunlight works for you, then Sunflower2 should work for you.

  3. Why does the sunlight reflected through my window not brighten the room?

    • Make sure the light strikes white surfaces like ceiling or wall.

  4. How much Sun power does the Sunflower2 cast?

    • Sunflower2 comes with a circular mirror of 2 feet in diameter. So it casts about 3 square feet of sunlight. The mirror reflects most of the energy. How much power that is depends on geographic and atmospheric conditions.

  5. How far away from the target can I place the Sunflower2?

    • Energy loss due to sunlight traveling from the Sunflower2 mirror to its target is negligible. However, Sunflower2 is generally accurate within 2 degree of the target. This works out to be about 4 inch dispersion for every 10 feet the Sunflower2 is away from the target. See Time Lapse Video below.

  6. Do you support other smart devices?

    • No. Nevertheless, there were non-Apple user customers who bought used or refurbished iPhone 4s from eBay just for the purpose of configuring the Sunflower2.

  7. Is the Sunflower2 designed to withstand year-round weather and strong winds?

    • Yes. However any hard object striking the mirror at high speed can break the mirror.

  8. What is the mirror made of?

    • The mirror is made of back surface silver coated float glass with safety vinyl backing.

  9. How do I install the Sunflower2?

Time Lapse Video